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DiLLaS : The Future
of Supply Chain Management

DiLLaS (Distributed Ledger for Logistics and Supply Chain Management) offers a new and unique view on shipment events data for logistics companies and their partners. DiLLaS enables end-to-end tracking of valuable parcels with fragile or perishable goods in real-time. Define Service Level Agreements, track your parcel's conditions with IoT devices, and mitigate problems before they occur. All secured in a privacy-preserving manner with the blockchain technology.


DiLLaS is used in supply chain management for containers, lifestock and medical goods.


With over 2 years of application, DiLLaS' adoption is rising.


The blockchain is used for secure and private tracking of supply chains.

Made in Europe

DiLLaS is backed by an European consortium.

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Tamper-proof Tracking of Documents
with Blockchain

CertifyX enables the tamper-proof storage and logging of documents in a privacy-preserving way with the blockchain technology. Certify, save, and verify documents at all times or let others do so for you. With CertifyX you have a trusted basis for all your documents with other companies.


CertifyX can run on different blockchains.


CertifyX can be easily integrated into your existing workflow.

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