Get the Maximum out of your Processes

JadenX is an expert in process automation and innovation. We are one of the leading players in the analysis of trust-aware business processes.

Trust-aware Process Analysis

We have a wide range of skills in Business Process Management. As one of the leading experts of trust-aware business processes, we formally analyze your processes and identify potential trust issues. Being more transparent to your customers and partners.

Performance Optimization with Process Automation

Many manual processes can be automated very efficiently. With AI, we can build chatbots, automate decisions, and optimize your processes.

Insights with Process Mining

Want to know about how your processes are executed in real life? Work with us to apply Process Mining to your data. We build a model of your processes and uncover where the problems are.

Superpower for your Processes?
Here is how we will work with you


Goal Definition

We always start with your goals as a base for all further steps.

Process Analysis

Process first! We start from where you are and bring you where you want to go.


We implement your new solutions and integrate it to your existing workflow.

Iterative Updates

After the first implementation, we build new features for you.

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