Blockchain for Trusted Processes

JadenX develops industry-grade decentralized applications for the next generation of enterprise collaboration. Together with you. From start to finish.

What Blockchain can do

In general, blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies can help to improve processes when...

- In a collaborative business process different parties need to work together.
- These parties only trust each other to a limited extent.
- All parties need to share certain pieces of information and agree on them.

Blockchain achieves that by introducing auditability, traceability, and transparency.

Use Cases, across different Industries

Deloitte asked in 2020 in which fields companies are working on blockchain projects. Here are the results.

Our Experience in Blockchain-based Applications

DiLLaS : The Future
of Supply Chain Management

DiLLaS (Distributed Ledger for Logistics and Supply Chain Management) offers a new and unique view on shipment events data for logistics companies and their partners. DiLLaS enables end-to-end tracking of valuable parcels with fragile or perishable goods in real-time. Define Service Level Agreements, track your parcel's conditions with IoT devices, and mitigate problems before they occur. All secured in a privacy-preserving manner with the blockchain technology.


DiLLaS is used in supply chain management for containers, lifestock and medical goods.


With over 2 years of application, DiLLaS' adoption is rising.


The blockchain is used for secure and private tracking of supply chains.

Made in Europe

DiLLaS is backed by an European consortium.

CertifyX: Tamper-proof Tracking of Documents
with Blockchain

CertifyX enables the tamper-proof storage and logging of documents in a privacy-preserving way with the blockchain technology. Certify, save, and verify documents at all times or let others do so for you. With CertifyX you have a trusted basis for all your documents with other companies.


CertifyX can run on different blockchains.


CertifyX can be easily integrated into your existing workflow.

Blockchain might help you?
Here is how we will work with you


Goal Definition

We always start with your goals as a base for all further steps.

Process Analysis

Process first! We start from where you are and bring you where you want to go. Our analysis is independet of any technology.


We implement your new solutions and integrate it to your existing workflow.

Iterative Updates

After the first implementation, we build new features for you.

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